Being alone does not mean you are lonely!



Loneliness can be soul destroying and the fear of it is one of the main reason’s women stay in bad relationships.  I know this is something that I have had great battles with in recent years.    For many years I was afraid to be alone, I wouldn’t stay in my house by myself, I needed to be around people all the time and it is one of the main reasons I stayed in my marriage for so long.  Not a healthy reason to stay!

In the past 3 years I have discovered the importance of being alone and it has been life changing!  If we take Jesus as our example, and we should, He took time out to be alone often. In Matthew 14:23  Jesus took time to be alone to pray after He had fed the multitudes from five loaves and two fish.  He went alone to pray and sent His disciples out on their boat and then walked out to meet them in Mark 6:47 .  When Jesus knew that the people were going to take Him by force to make Him King (prematurely) He departed to be alone (John 6:15) .

So we can take from Jesus example that whenever He was facing a ‘challenge’ in His life He didn’t call all His bestie’s around and discuss the pro’s and con’s or have a whinge about all the pressure that was being put on Him.  Jesus withdrew and spent time with His Father, He prayed and sought God’s blessing and direction, He was comforted by the time alone with His Father and it is interesting to note that nowhere in the bible does it say that Jesus was ever lonely.

Friends, when you are in a situation that you know you shouldn’t be in, take the time to seek YOUR Heavenly Father, get His wisdom and follow His direction and He will direct your steps (Psalm 119:133).  You are never, ever truly alone, you always have Jesus!


Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and Restorer

Jesus came so that we may live a full life, He has paid our debts, He has set us free from fear and He did this through the cross.  He is our Redeemer and He lives in us.   There are at least 22 references in the Bible to Jesus our Redeemer from Job through to  Luke but what does the word “redeem’ mean?

One definition on says to ‘buy or pay off, clear by payment’ this would mean that Jesus paid the price for us and that price was going through a horrific and painful death so that we could live eternally in Heaven with our heavenly father.  That is the most humbling thought if we would just grasp the gravity of what He did!  Before Jesus went to the cross we were all bound for hell because of our sinful nature.  We were lost with no way out but God, through His unfailing love for His creation, sent us a ‘get out jail free’ card in the form of His Son Jesus Christ (John 3:16). Continue reading “Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and Restorer”

Turning your mess into a message


This is the message I posted on facebook when I was locked out of this website.  In case you aren’t on the facebook page I hope you enjoy it.

When we begin a relationship with Christ we become a new creation in Him (2 Corinthians 5:17). We should let go of the old us and embrace the new beginning Jesus offers us. This means that we should no longer respond or react in the same way we used to.

When someone hurts us we don’t need to get revenge, God promises us that He is the judge and that He will avenge our hurts. As a new creation we are to do the OPPOSITE of what the world teaches us and turn the other cheek. This does not mean that we are to be doormats and let people walk all over us, but instead walk with dignity and don’t let what other people do to us affect our peace.

Being hurt, physically, emotionally or sexually, is extremely painful and it is natural to want to hurt the person that hurt you, but friends, that won’t make you feel any better really. It may feel better for a moment but I urge you not to sink to the level of others. Trust me, when we rise above the circumstances, when we do things God’s way people notice, we become much more attractive to others and we become the message of God’s love to them. James 3:8 tells us that the tongue is evil and full of deadly poison, words have the power to hurt, it is important to take our thoughts captive and not get into word wars with those who have hurt us. This also means don’t go around telling people how bad this person is, it really isn’t anyone else’s business and it will not only hurt the other person but you as well.

I know it feels natural to lash out and vent when bad stuff happens and I am not advising you to hold it in but you do have options:

1. Find a trusted friend, someone who you know to be safe and won’t be involved in spreading gossip around.
2. Get yourself a good psychologist or counsellor and talk to them. These people are trained to help you and there is nothing wrong with getting help. It is actually a mature and healthy process to go through.
3. Talk to God. He knows what happened and He knows how you feel and only He has the power to set you free.
Romans 12:9-21 gives us clear guidance as to how we, as Christians, should behave to others, and even to those who have hurt us. It is never easy, I struggle with this myself, but with Jesus help I know we can do it and when we do there will be blessing upon blessing for us.

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Emotional abuse article

I thought this was too important not to post immediately.  Emotional abuse is not okay!  The ‘bruises’ of emotional abuse are not immediately evident.

Click on the link to read this great article from

God – our life changer!


God can turn the bad things that have happened in our lives into something great and good. God’s Word promises us this in Romans 8:28, that when we love God and are called by Him then He will work with us to turn the bad things into good things.  I love the above image from Christine Caine, it speaks to my heart!

That is the amazing and incredible thing about God, He loves us so much that He will never leave us where we are, instead He leads us THROUGH our circumstances to a much better place. I know this to be true because He has continually done this in my life. Continue reading “God – our life changer!”