Yesterday is gone! Leave it there!


How often do we drag a hurtful situation that happened yesterday, or even longer ago, into our today or even worried about a news story or plot of a TV show we imagine could happen?  I have been so guilty of this so many times myself!

It is so easy when we experience emotional pain to hold onto it, to mull it over, to regurgitate it and allow it to affect our present attitude in a negative way!  Every time I do this and realise what I am doing i get so frustrated that I fell into satan’s trap AGAIN!  God does not want us to dwell on painful or negative thoughts, in fact Phillipians 4:8 tell us exactly what we should be thinking on. Continue reading “Yesterday is gone! Leave it there!”

Embrace your story! Jesus is the author and the answer!

I have been going through so many changes and season’s in my life over the past few years and sometimes I just feel like my head is spinning and I just want it all to stop! Lately though I have felt something different, something exciting, a little bit scary but something I just can’t deny! It is a stirring and an almost undeniable need to speak out about my story, to stand WITH those who have been abused, to WALK with women through the journey of healing and CELEBRATE the victory of overcoming and stepping out of a life of abuse! I know all this is possible because I have been there, I have felt the darkness overwhelm me because of abuse. I have felt unloved, unattractive, unimportant and any other ‘un’ word you can throw at me BUT because I am loved by my Saviour I believe I am now walking in victory over the plans satan had for me to bring me down. Continue reading “Embrace your story! Jesus is the author and the answer!”

Own your story and don’t be ashamed of your past!!


I believe that the events that happen in our lives are just parts of our story and they make up who we are!

When I was 35 years old and a relatively new Christian I was praying one morning and begging God to heal me from the sexual abuse I had suffered as a child. God gave me a vision of a tapestry I had been attempting to complete for years for my then husband. It was a huge tapestry that needed to be done on one of those roll frame things (I am not really someone who would normally do a tapestry but I was trying to be creative!). I had completed less than a quarter of this tapestry and God said “Your life is like that tapestry, it is only partly completed and the abuse that you suffered are only a few stitches that will make up the whole of your life. Put it into perspective!” Continue reading “Own your story and don’t be ashamed of your past!!”