Being alone does not mean you are lonely!



Loneliness can be soul destroying and the fear of it is one of the main reason’s women stay in bad relationships.  I know this is something that I have had great battles with in recent years.    For many years I was afraid to be alone, I wouldn’t stay in my house by myself, I needed to be around people all the time and it is one of the main reasons I stayed in my marriage for so long.  Not a healthy reason to stay!

In the past 3 years I have discovered the importance of being alone and it has been life changing!  If we take Jesus as our example, and we should, He took time out to be alone often. In Matthew 14:23  Jesus took time to be alone to pray after He had fed the multitudes from five loaves and two fish.  He went alone to pray and sent His disciples out on their boat and then walked out to meet them in Mark 6:47 .  When Jesus knew that the people were going to take Him by force to make Him King (prematurely) He departed to be alone (John 6:15) .

So we can take from Jesus example that whenever He was facing a ‘challenge’ in His life He didn’t call all His bestie’s around and discuss the pro’s and con’s or have a whinge about all the pressure that was being put on Him.  Jesus withdrew and spent time with His Father, He prayed and sought God’s blessing and direction, He was comforted by the time alone with His Father and it is interesting to note that nowhere in the bible does it say that Jesus was ever lonely.

Friends, when you are in a situation that you know you shouldn’t be in, take the time to seek YOUR Heavenly Father, get His wisdom and follow His direction and He will direct your steps (Psalm 119:133).  You are never, ever truly alone, you always have Jesus!


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