Choosing to make the right choice!

A young friend of mine told me a story today that has literally broken my heart.  It is the story of a friend of hers who is in a live in relationship with her boyfriend and has fallen pregnant to him for the second time.  The friend chose to abort the first baby because they had agreed they were not ready for a family, however, this time the girl wanted to keep the child.  The first abortion left her feeling sad and guilty so she did not want to go through that pain again.  Sadly, the boyfriend has said she must have an abortion if she wants to keep him.

This story makes me sad on so many levels.  The fact that this young woman feels that she has no other option but to abort her baby is sad beyond belief.  It is so easy for us who are outside of the situation to say that she should leave the relationship, that was certainly my advice, however, we do not walk in this young woman’s shoes, we don’t know the journey her life has taken to bring her to this point.  I do believe that this young woman is experiencing emotional abuse, if her boyfriend truly loved her he would not put her in the position of choosing between their child and him.

Many young women today are faced with this same choice, abortion rates are rising and many young women are having to face the consequences of their choices.  I am not on a moral crusade here or wanting to go on an anti-abortion crusade.  Jesus told us He did not come to condemn so nor will I condemn, I am writing today because it hurts me to think of a young woman who is so broken and hurt that she is willing to give up her child in order to maintain a relationship that is surely set to fail anyway.

The major reason I started was to speak to women like this young woman and say “You have a choice!  You are loved by a loving God who will direct your footsteps if you accept His Son!  You are more precious than rubies and have great value to Your Heavenly Father!  You are a Daughter of the Most High King and are precious in His sight.

Hearing this story today has made me more determined than ever to fulfil the plan I believe God has for me.  To step up and make a difference in the lives of hurting women and their families.  Many years ago God gave me a vision of a property with little cabins on it, women and their children came to this property to escape from abusive relationships.  It was a refuge of sorts where women could stay and learn skills that would enable them to find jobs, cooking skills, parenting skills and learn how to step out of the bonds of abuse and into the life their Saviour has for them.  With our Lord’s help I will see this vision fulfilled.

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