He has come to set you free!!


Did you know that Jesus has come to set you free? Free from pain, free from the hurts of the past, free from sadness free, free, FREE!

This is so exciting, don’t you think! This is a truth worth knowing! John 8:32 tells us ‘you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free’. So what is this truth that makes us free?

The truth is that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, He did this because He loved us so much that He wants us to spend eternity with Him in Heaven (Philippians 2:8). The truth is that God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son (John 3:16) so that we could believe in Him and have eternal life. The truth is that God sees us not as we are but as He created us, fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). The truth is that we no longer need to listen to the lies of the enemy, satan, whose only purpose is to rob us of a future with God (John 10:10).

What truth do you believe? Do you believe that because you may have made some wrong choices that life will always be hard, that you don’t deserve to be happy? Do you believe that because you have been abused that this is all you are good for? Do you believe that there is no way out of your situation, that you can’t make it on your own, that the ‘devil’ you do know is better than the ‘devil’ you don’t. If this is what you believe then I implore you to STOP thinking like that right now!! It is a lie, it is wrong and this type of thinking will keep you bound to pain, stress and abuse!

Dare to believe something different today! Dare to believe that there is a Saviour who loves you. Dare to believe that there are people who can help you. Dare to believe that you CAN make it, that you are never, ever alone.

Make a decision today, call your local church, crisis centre, helpline or trusted friend and start taking steps to become the person God created you to be.

“For if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed” (John 8:36)

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