Conquering the Goliath’s in our lives

We all go through periods in our lives when our problems seem so overwhelming, so huge that we just can’t see how we are ever going to make it to the other side! I truly know how that feels, and I know that when life gets that way you just can’t seem to think about anything but your massive problem!

Let me tell you, amazing ladies, you will get to the other side. Psalm 23 tell us that we go “THROUGH the valley of the shadow of death”, we don’t camp there unless we choose to and really who would want to? Life happens and sometimes it bites, but we can be giant slayers like David with Goliath if we just trust in God.

The story of David and Goliath, in 1 Samuel 17, is an example of our willingness to get caught up in our problems and let our focus waiver from our God who is our great problem solver. The Israelites were only focussing on their battles and how they were going to beat the Philistines then suddenly this giant, Goliath, appears and starts cursing God. Instead of seeking God the Israelites fell apart and were afraid which is exactly what we do when our problems become Goliath sized.

However, young David who was not involved in the wars other than delivering food to his brother’s, has been spending time tending his sheep in solitude which has enabled him time to be alone with God. Because of this his faith has grown strong, his relationship with God is one of trust and strength. God has saved David already from a lion and a bear so David knows that God is able to see him through anything.

Knowing that God is the same God that saved David from Goliath and has the same love for us today should enable us to face our problems head on, just like David did. David looked at Goliath and told him God would deliver him into David’s hands (I Samuel 17:46) and that is what we need to do to our problems. Stare your problems down and shout the Word of God at them:

Isaiah 43:5

Isaiah 41:10

Romans 8:37

These are just a few scriptures that can help build you up. Get strong in the Lord, shout at your problems, you are in a battle so put on your whole armour of God (Ephesians 6:10-20) and go be the conqueror God created you to be!

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