Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and Restorer

Jesus came so that we may live a full life, He has paid our debts, He has set us free from fear and He did this through the cross.  He is our Redeemer and He lives in us.   There are at least 22 references in the Bible to Jesus our Redeemer from Job through to  Luke but what does the word “redeem’ mean?

One definition on says to ‘buy or pay off, clear by payment’ this would mean that Jesus paid the price for us and that price was going through a horrific and painful death so that we could live eternally in Heaven with our heavenly father.  That is the most humbling thought if we would just grasp the gravity of what He did!  Before Jesus went to the cross we were all bound for hell because of our sinful nature.  We were lost with no way out but God, through His unfailing love for His creation, sent us a ‘get out jail free’ card in the form of His Son Jesus Christ (John 3:16).

Our sweet heavenly Father so desperately wanted us to return to Him, He wanted to spend eternity with us so He sent His ONLY son to earth to redeem us.  The parable of the lost sheep in Luke 15 tells the story so clearly, it is a story of a son’s selfishness of wanting his inheritance before he is entitled to it, it is the story of a fathers love in giving him his inheritance early (unheard of in ancient Jewish culture), the son squanders his inheritance and then returns to his father humbled and asking forgiveness.  The father instead of turning the son away in anger over what he has done, instead is so overjoyed at the son’s return that he throws a huge party in celebration.

To compare our lives to this parable, we want all the blessings of heaven here on earth, we don’t want to suffer, we don’t want sadness, we want everything to be easy.  However, through our own foolish choices our lives can be a struggle but most of us don’t want to take responsibility for those choices.  It is only when we get to the ‘end of ourselves’, when we can’t take the struggle any longer that we realise we need to humble ourselves before God and ask His forgiveness.  When we do this it tells us in Luke 15:10 that the angels rejoice because of our repentance.

Friends, stop struggling today and return yourselves to your Lord and Saviour!

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