Yesterday is gone! Leave it there!


How often do we drag a hurtful situation that happened yesterday, or even longer ago, into our today or even worried about a news story or plot of a TV show we imagine could happen?  I have been so guilty of this so many times myself!

It is so easy when we experience emotional pain to hold onto it, to mull it over, to regurgitate it and allow it to affect our present attitude in a negative way!  Every time I do this and realise what I am doing i get so frustrated that I fell into satan’s trap AGAIN!  God does not want us to dwell on painful or negative thoughts, in fact Phillipians 4:8 tell us exactly what we should be thinking on.

If we would like a new attitude, and with that a new outlook on life, then we really do need to think on new things, things that make us happy, things that are pure and noble.  The world teaches us to think about a lot of things that really don’t concern us.  Supposed news shows invade peoples lives and tell us stories that often are slanted to give a ‘good’ news story but aren’t necessarily true.  Soap opera type shows spout drama and betrayal until we believe that that is what a true relationship is and so we start to think in a damaged way about people.  Sisters, we need to take back control of our minds and start meditating on God’s word as He instructs us to do in Romans 12:2.

Stop being controlled by what the world tells us to do and start focussing on what God wants us to do.  Gods Word is true and it is powerful and it enables us to do amazing things (Hebrews 4:12) if we commit ourselves to studying it and internalising it and allowing the Word of God to be our yardstick for our lives.  When we do this we can leave behind the pain of yesterday, live in the present of today, and hope for the future of tomorrow!

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